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Airbus A321P2F freighters for Qantas

Airbus A321P2F Qantasfreight.

- 12 August 2019 -
Qantas will add three passenger to freighter converted Airbus A321 aircraft (P2F) to its fleet.

The aircraft are expected to be delivered in the second half of 2020 for use on post flights operated for Australia Post. The first aircraft will arrive in October 2020. Qantas and Australia Post announced an expanded seven-year contract covering domestic and international air cargo. There is a growing demand for air cargo services in Australia because of increasing online shopping.

The A321PF carries up to 27.9 metric tonnes of cargo. That is 9 tonnes more than Qantasfreight's current 737 freighters. 14 containers are carried on the main deck and 10 containers on the lower deck. The aircraft's range is 2,300nm.

The current Qantasfreight fleet comprises thirteen aircraft, including four British Aerospace 146-300/QT, five Boeing 737-300SF, one 737-400SF, one 767-300ERF plus two Atlas Air 747-400F to be replaced by two 747-8F this year.

Qantas will become the first user of A321 freighters. In June Qantas ordered 36 A321XLR (extended long range) passenger aircraft, of which the first will be delivered in 2024. (Image: Qantas)

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