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Dornier 328 into production again

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- 21 August 2019 -
The Dornier 328 turboprop commuter airliner will enter production again. The initiative is taken by the 328 Support Services GmbH (328SSG) in Germany, which announced the formation of a new company, DRA GmbH, to build the aircraft.

328SSG is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) in the USA and type certificate holder of the Dornier 328. On 21 August 2019, 328SSG, SNC, and the German Federal and State of Saxony ministries signed a memorandum of understanding to establish DRA GmbH’s final assembly line at Leipzig/Halle Airport, in the State of Saxony.

The aircraft will be upgraded and designated D328NEU. It will have an enlarged cabin seating up to 39 passengers, new engines, new propellers and new avionics. Its cruise speed will be 600 km/h and its range up to 2000 km. Production should begin in 2023.

DRA aims at offering a replacement solution for ageing in service aircraft, but is also loooking for new customers. The D328NEU will also be offered in a maritime patrol version and as a military transport aircraft. There is no intention to also restart production of the 328JET jet version.

The project anticipates to create up to 250 new jobs at the production facilities in Leipzig, plus more than 100 jobs at 328SSG’s headquarters in Oberpfaffenhofen, near Munich. (Photo: Airliners Now)

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