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NLR presents Endless Runway

The Dutch aviation and space research institute NLR has presented a completely new airport concept: ‘The Endless Runway. This radical concept is based on the construction of a circular runway with a diameter of approximately 3.5 km around an airport terminal. Such an airport would need only a third of the space of a conventional […]

Boeing / Embraer unveil ecoplane

The newest Boeing ecoDemonstrator aircraft is not a Boeing, but an Embraer, an E-170 E-jet. The airplane will be used to test technologies to improve fuel efficiency and cut carbon emissions. Boeing and Embraer unveiled the new ecoDemonstrator today. The E-170 will serve as a flying testbed and will perform test flights in August and […]

Frigate Ecojet: an alternative for ‘misused’ Western widebodies

Airbus and Boeing widebodies are designed for long-haul flights but often flying on short and medium routes for which they are needlessly heavy. The Russian Frigate Ecojet initiative names this ‘misuse’ and wants to develop an all-new, much lighter widebody airliner optimised for ranges between 1,900 and 4,500 km (1,025 – 2,430 nm). Frigate Ecojet […]

Lufthansa needs 3.84 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres

How much kerosene does it take to fly you to your destination? When you fly Lufthansa, than that will be 3.84 litres per passenger per 100 kilometres on average. On average, yes, because it makes a big difference whether you fly short-haul or long-haul. Over long distances, Lufthansa needs only 3.45 litres to fly a […]

Legal clearance for Munich Airport’s third runway

The approval of Munich’s airport third runway can no longer be legally challenged. This week the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig (Germany) rejected the remaining appeals against the project. Those appeals comprised six outstanding complaints filed by the environmental group Bund Naturschutz Bayern and five individuals against the rejection of their objections in the administrative […]

Solar Impulse 2 stays in Hawaii until April 2016

The team trying to circumnavigate the world with the Solar Impulse 2, a solar energy only powered aircraft, will interrupt their journey and stay in Hawaii until April 2016. The reason is the battery damage the aircraft suffered on its record-breaking flight from Nagoya to Honolulu two weeks ago. The Solar Impulse team will continue […]

Gatwick fights for second runway

London’s Gatwick Airport is not happy with the Airports Commission conclusion that building a third runway at Heathrow is the best solution for the UK’s capital airport capacity problem. Gatwick – ‘the most efficient single-runway airport in the world’ – names the commission’s conclusion ‘flawed’. It says to fear that due to the Commissions advice […]

Electric battle over the English Channel

It seems as if pioneering times are back in aviation. The Solar Impulse 2 is making a first round the world flight flying on solar energy only, like in 1924 the Douglas World Cruiser made the first round the world flight on carbon dioxide producing fuel. Today, 10 July 2015, the Airbus E-Fan demonstrator, flying […]

Solar Impulse 2 reaches Hawaii

The Solar Impulse 2, the sun-powered plane on a around the world flight, has reached Hawaii after flying a five-days-and-five nights leg from Japan across the Pacific to Honolulu. The aircraft landed at 3 July 2015, 5:55 local time (15:55 UTC). Borschberg is extremely tired and he needed his legs massaged after seating in the […]