First flight for new civil Hercules

Lockheed LM-100J civil Super Hercules

The first new generation LM-100J civil Super Hercules during its first flight. (Photo: Lockheed Martin)

The Lockheed Martin LM-100J Commercial Freighter has completed its first flight on 25 May 2017.

Chief test pilot Wayne Roberts said that the aircraft performed flawlessly, like a new military C-130J production aircraft. The flight followed the same test flight route over North Georgia and Alabama that is used for all C-130J Super Hercules aircraft.

The LM-100J is essentially a civil version of the C-130J Super Hercules and an updated version of the L-100 cargo aircraft being produced by Lockheed from 1964 until 1992. It is intended to deliver bulk and oversize cargo, particularly to austere locations worldwide. Like its military counterpart, it is also able to support a wide range of missions, from firefighting to medevac to VIP transport.

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