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ATR launches STOL variant ATR 42-600S

ATR 42-600

- 9 October 2019 -
ATR has launched a short-runway version of its ATR 42-600. The aircraft builder officially announced the new variant during a press conference at the General Assembly of the ERA (European Regions Airline Association).

The ATR Board of Directors has approved the launch of the ATR 42-600S (for STOL – Short Take-Off and Landing). The new version is an addition, not a replacement of the current ATR 42-600. It offers take-off and landing capabilities on runways as short as 800m with up to 42 passengers on board.

ATR has so far recorded commitments for 20 aircraft from operators and lessors, including Elix Aviation Capital (10) and Air Tahiti (2). Both commitments were announced at the Paris Air Show earlier this year. Certification of the ATR 42-600S is expected to happen in the second half of 2022, to be followed immediately by the first delivery.

The ATR 42-600S will have a larger rudder for increased control at low speeds. It will also be able to symmetrically deploy its spoilers for better braking during landing, and will come with an autobrake system to ensure that the full braking power occurs immediately upon landing.

With the new version, ATR expects to expand the market it can address by 25 per cent. Almost 500 airports worldwide have a runway of 800-1,000m and could accommodate ATR 42-600S operations. (Photo: ATR)

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