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CSeries is now 'Airbus A220'

Airbus A220.

- 10 July 2018 -
The Bombardier CSeries is now named 'Airbus A220'. Today Airbus disclosed the new designation for the aircraft, in which it has acquired a 50.01 per cent majority stake.

The former CS100 is now named 'A220-100' and the CS300 has become 'A220-300'. The hope of Bombardier and Airbus is that the aircraft will attract more sales now that it is part of the Airbus product range. Another consideration is that Airbus might help to reduce production costs, because as a big company it has a much stronger position in negotiations with suppliers than Bombardier has.

Less good news is that Gulf Air has cancelled an order for ten CS-110's, ehh..., A220-100s. The aircraft were ordered in 2012, but the airline has changed its mind and wants bigger Airbus A320's now. (Photo: Airbus)

Apart from the A220, EgyptAir currently operates a fleet of 15 Airbus aircraft and has 15 A320neo aircraft on order. (Photo: Airbus)

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