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Airbus considers stretched A220

Airbus A220.

- 19 January 2019 -
Airbus is thinking about a larger version of the A220. This was said during a press conference by Airbus in Mobile Alabama, where the construction has begun of a US manufacturing facility for the A220.

The idea of a stretched version is not new. In the past, Bombardier has already been thinking about a CSeries CS500 and even CS900, for which it reserved the trademarks. Stretching the A220 seems a logical step and probably, because it is a new design, it would be more interesting for airlines than the so far hardly sold A319neo. A stretched ‘A220-500’ would also compete with the smaller versions of the Boeing 737 MAX. However, according to Airbus president of commercial aircraft Guillaume Faury the A220 first has to become a commercial success. Once the success is on track, a further stretch is ‘likely’. ‘The A220 has a strong potential,’ he said.

Airbus held a groundbreaking ceremony on 16 january as the official start of the construction of a US manufacturing facility for the A220 in Mobile, Alabama. It is built adjacent to the existing A320 Family facility in Mobile and intended for the final assembly of A220s ordered by US customers. The new facility will be completed next year. Aircraft production is planned already to begin in Q3 2019. First delivery of a Mobile-assembled A220 is scheduled for 2020. (Photo: Airbus)

Apart from the A220, EgyptAir currently operates a fleet of 15 Airbus aircraft and has 15 A320neo aircraft on order. (Photo: Airbus)

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