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Airbus A300-600 Lufthansa

Airbus A300 Lufthansa

Airbus A300-600 (A300B4-603) - Lufthansa - D-AIAT - Frankfurt Rhein/Main Airport (FRA) - September 2008.

Lufthansa was among the early users of the Airbus A300. The airline flew a total of 26 aircraft: six A300B2, five A300B4, ten A300-600 and five A300-600R. The first A300B2, D-AIAA, was delivered on 2 February 1976. Later the German airline replaced its early A300s with the more modern A300-600. Lufthansa received the first A300-600 (actually A300B4-600), D-AIAH, in April 1987. The Lufthansa A300s were operated on the airline's busiest European and domestic routes. The Lufthansa A300-600R seated 246 passengers.

The aircraft on the photo, D-AIAT (c/n 618), was delivered to Lufthansa on 19 November 1991. It was stored in May 2009 and in July 2010 taken over by Mahan Air in Iran as EP-MNK. Lufthansa operated its last commercial A300 flight (LH 3853) on 1 July 2009 from Rome to Frankfurt. The flight was performed with A300B4-603 D-AIAM (c/n 408). So, the aircraft type served the airline for more than 33 years. Some of the ex-Lufthansa A300s are still in airline service, most of the in Iran.

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