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Airbus A320 Mexicana

Airbus A320 Mexicana

Airbus A320 (A320-231) - Mexicana de Aviación - N292MX - Miami International Airport (MIA) - September 2007.

Mexicana de Aviación was founded in 1921 and belonged to the airlines with a very long history. It was the world's fourth oldest airline operating under the same name, after KLM, Avianca and Qantas. In 1924 it took over the assets of its competitor CMTA. In 1929, Pan Am founder Juan Trippe bought a majority stake in the airline and opened its first international route to the USA with a Ford Trimotor, with, on the first flight, Charles Lindbergh as pilot.
In the years up to 2010 Mexicana was Mexico's biggest airline. At that time it flew domestic services and to international destinations in North and Latin America and Europe. Its major hub was Mexico City Benito Juarez International Airport. In 2010 it operated 61 Airbus A320 Family aircraft, including 26 A320s. On longhaul flights to Brazil, the UK, Spain and Argentina, Mexicana flew some Airbus A330s and Boeing 767s. Mexicana suspended operations in August 2010. Attemps to revive the airline failed.

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