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Cebu Pacific shops for 31 Airbuses

16 A330-900s in high density layout

Airbus A330-900neo Cebu Pacific.

- 8 July 2019 -
Low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific (Philippines) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding for 31 Airbus aircraft. It wants to become a new customer for the A330neo and the A321XLR, and also ordered more A320neo aircraft.

The intended order comprises 16 A330-900neo aircraft of a higher capacity version seating up to 460 passengers in a single class configuration. The airline currently flies eight A330-300s, two straight from Airbus, plus six leased. Those aircraft seat 436 passengers.

The airline intends to become one of the launch airlines for the A321XLR (Extra Long Range), which Airbus officially launched yesterday, the first day of the Paris Air Show 2019. Cebu Pacific wants to order ten of the type. With the A321XLR it can fly nonstop from the Philippines to destinations as far afield as India and Australia. Cebu currently flies nine A321s, including two A321neos.

The memorandum of understanding includes five A320neo aircraft, making a total of ten. The airline's first A320neo was delivered earlier this year, and it already operates 33 A320ceos. Cebu Pacific flies the A320neo with 194 seats in a single class layout. (Images: Airbus)

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