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Approval for Superjet 'saberlets'

Sukhoi Superjet SSJ100 Severstal with Saberlets

- 24 December 2019 -
Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company has obtained a Major Change Approval from the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency for so-called 'saberlets' on the Superjet SSJ100.

Saberlets are a kind of horizontal winglets. Sukhoi received the approval after successfully accomplishing a series of flight tests with the new wingtips. Sukhoi has already delivered the first winglet-fitted aircraft (RA-89135) to Severstal Aircompany.

The winglets improve aerodynamic characteristics and take-off and landing performance, resulting in better economic efficiency. Sukhoi claims a fuel cost reduction of at least 4 percent. The saberlets are made of composite materials.

The name ‘saberlets’ comes from the word ‘saber’ due to the distinctive shape of the surfaces. The winglets are available on new aircraft, but are also offered as a retrofit on earlier aircraft. (Photo: UAC)

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