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Tupolev Tu-204

Tupolev Tu-204 KMV (Kavkazkie Mineralnye Vody) = Kavminvodyavia

A Tu-204 of KMV (Kavkazkie Mineralnye Vody, also known as Kavminvodyavia) at Salzburg Airport.

Tupolev Tu-204

The Tupolev Tu-204 is a medium-range, twin-engined airliner, seating up to 210 passengers. The Russian aircraft is about the same size as the Boeing 757.

The Tu-204 was developed as a replacement for the Tu-154 trijet. The aircraft features a supercritical wing, fly-by-wire controls and a six screen EFIS flightdeck. Soloviev (now Aviadvigatel) specially developed the PS-90 turbofan for the Tu-204, but to broaden the international appeal of the aircraft, there are also versions with Rolls-Royce RB211-535 turbofans. This engine also powers the Boeing 757.

Tupolev Tu-214 Transaero The Tu-204's first flight took place on 2 January 1989. Since then not many Tu-204s have been built, around 75, but Tupolev developed a large number of versions and variants. The base model Tu-204 was followed by the Tu-204-100 and -200 with higher takeoff weights and more fuel capacity to increase range. Freighter variants are the Tu-204C and Tu-204-100C, which have a large forward main deck cargo door. The Tu-214 (Photo: UAC), Tu-214C combi/convertible, and Tu-214C freighter are aircraft produced in Kazan instead of Ulyanovsk. Several versions have been built for military tasks like communications, electronic intelligence and airborne command.

The Tu-204-120 is a version with Rolls-Royce RB211-535 engines. Later aircraft also have an Honeywell EFIS avionics suite. Other Rolls-Royce powered variants are the Tu-204-120C freighter, the Tu-204-220 with increased weight, and the Tu-204-220C cargo aircraft. The -222 has Collins avionics.

The Tu-204-300 is a shortened version offering extra range and seating up to 166 passengers. It is powered by RB211-535E4 engines and about 6 meter (20 ft) shorter than the basic Tu-204. The Tu-234 is a shortened version with Russian PS-90P turbofans and the Tu-204-500 has smaller wings, optimised for flying shorter distances.


Tupolev Tu-204SMThe newest version is the significantly improved Tu-204SM (Photo: UAC), which first flew on 29 December 2010. This is an upgrade from the Tu-204-100. It has a new two-pilot cockpit instead of the three-crew flight-deck of the original Tu-204 versions, a new flight management system, six wide LCD displays, head-up displays (HUD) and an automated board system maintenance and diagnostic system. The Tu-204SM is fitted with two PS-90A2 engines, a significantly improved version of the original PS-90A turbofan. The aircraft also has a new auxiliary power unit (APU). Early in 2015 the Tu-204SM was not yet in operational service with airlines.

In spite of the large number of versions, until 2019 only between 80 and 90 Tu-204 and Tu-214 aircraft have been built, of which around 35 are in airline service.


Tupolev Tu-204-100 Specifications

Tupolev Tu-154 Aeroflot Wingspan: 41.8 m (137 ft 2 in). Length: 46.14 m (151 ft 5 in). Height: 13.9 m (45 ft 7 in).
Empty weight: 56,920 kg (125,490 lb). Max. take-off weight: 105,000 kg (231,000 lb).
Accommodation: 172-210 passengers. Range: 4,300 km (2,329 nm). Cruise speed: 810-850 km/h (437-460 kts).
Engines: two Aviadvigatel PS-90A (157 kN - 35,274 lb).


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